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General Insurance   

General Insurance

Health Insurance

It is said that Health Is Wealth .Health insurance protects us from any medical emergencies & incurred hospitalization expenses.

Why Mediclaim policy needed?

  • Health emergencies cannot be overlooked or postponed and come without warning
  • Cost of treatment and hospitalization is getting costlier day by day and if one is not adequately health insured then they should be prepared to use there savings of lifetime on it and live a compromised life.
Motor Insurance
  • Protection from a financial loss arising out of loss or damage to your vehicle.
  • Comprehensive coverage against physical damage, bodily injury and cover againts third-party liability, your motor insurance brings to you confidence and peace of mind.
  • Cash Less and Hassle free Claim procedure.
Personal Accident

Personal Accident Insurance Policy gives complete financial protection against all accidental occurrences that might lead to death or bodily injury of the insured person at nominal cost.

  • Provide complete financial security to the Insured's family members.
  • Covers against death, permanent disability, partial disability, and temporary total disability
  • Pays complete sum insured in case of accidental death or permanent disability and for temporary disability it pays you a weekly compensation
Travel Insurance

Now you can travel overseas with your loved ones and without worries. Things may go wrong during your trip even after assiduous planning, A sudden illness, loss of baggage, a financial emergency.... with Travel Health Insurance you can be sure you're covered for a whole host of calamities that may occur while traveling abroad.

Home Insurance

Our home is your heart. It holds a lifetime of memories, and is the place where you and your family feel safe and happy. Any loss or damage to the house or household goods would cause not only financial strain but also sentimental setback. Household insurance helps provides protection arising out of risks like fire, theft, natural disasters, breakdown of household appliances, personal liabilities..

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